Greenwood Village, Colorado

Greenwood Village is a small, but wealthy suburb of Denver. The 2010 US Census showed a population of 13,925, and a median household income of $140,538, which was 195.8% greater than the Colorado average and 215.9% greater than the national average. Greenwood Village’s parks and open space are a large part of what makes Greenwood Village a special place to live. There are 189.58 acres of developed parks and 252 acres of open space, including a beautiful section of the Highline Canal trail.  These areas are a mix of urban and rural lands that provide residents and visitors limitless recreational opportunities.

During the 1930s and ’40s, the area contained a mixture of farmers, suburbanites, and people who lived in Denver, but would come south to “country homes” for the summer. Because residents feared that development creeping south from Denver would threaten their pastoral lifestyles, Greenwood Village was incoporated in 1950. At first, it operated on very tight budgets, because its residential and rural areas generated no income beyond modest property taxes. But in the 1960s, Greenwood Village embarked on a period of annexations that has generated a significant tax base to underwrite City services. Three large annexations – in 1967, 1970 and 1987 – brought the major commercial areas into Greenwood Village that exist today. Included in these annexations were the Denver Tech Center, Greenwood Plaza and the retail businesses along Arapahoe Road.

Greenwood Village lies within the boundaries of the Cherry Creek School District.

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