Leaving the Denver area for another city or state?

Moving away from what is comfortable and familiar can be unsettling. An out-of-state move requires you to form new relationships, in both your personal and business lives.

Robert & Jani can help you get off on the right foot, by identifying an experienced full-time Realtor® in your new location.  Agents are not all alike and we can help you find someone who has the knowledge and skills, and who will treat you and your family with the care and respect you deserve.

Robert & Jani will…

  • Look for a “best fit” Realtor® for you.  They’ll identify the leading candidates,  then interview them to determine which agent’s experience, service areas, credentials and knowledge base will serve you and your family best.
  • Coordinate the exchange of contact information and important details.
  • Coordinate the sale of your home in the Denver area with the purchase of your new home.

“Robert and Jani are the consummate professionals!  We’ve worked with them on several transactions locally, and when we moved to another state, they jumped right in and referred us to a Nevada realtor.  Years later, we are still working with that Realtor, but in a property management role.  When we decided to retire to Texas, again we called Robert and Jani for a referral.   We have been extremely happy with the expertise Robert and Jani provide to their clients, as well as the level of professionalism they require of their peers.   Hopefully, no more moves…but if we need a Realtor, we know who to call no matter where it might be!”

Mike & Cindy Haden