Littleton, Colorado

Littleton BoundariesLocated south of downtown Denver, the City of Littleton has a rich history dating back to the 1859 Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. Along with the gold-seekers came merchants and farmers to provide the necessities of life. Agriculture remained the staple industry of Littleton until after World War II. Beginning with electronics and pneumatics, moving to munitions and finally to aerospace, manufacturing became the important employer and a magnet for the boom in housing development during the fifties, sixties and seventies. Light rail provides an easy commute to jobs in downtown Denver. Littleton’s current population is over 42,000

Historic Downtown Littleton is one of the Denver area’s most charming Main Streets. It is lined with turn-of -the-century buildings, rich with history and offering some of the area’s most unique shopping and dining experiences – art galleries, antique shops, specialty gift shops, clothing boutiques and many quaint restaurants and bars. The town’s historic agricultural roots are on displace at the Littleton Historical Museum, where there are two working farms, one from the 1860s and another from the 1920s, complete with chickens, pigs, oxen, cattle, and horses.  An Historical Walking Tour includes 20 buildings that have been designated locally or nationally as landmarks. Littleton is part of a park and recreation system that offers four times the national average for parkland. Every major drainage channel in the city has a trail built in it, in addition to the presence of two of the most popular trails in the metro area – the South Platte River Trail and the Highline Canal Trail

For newcomers to Colorado, there is some confusion about the size and location of the City of Littleton. The  U.S. Postal Service assigns the place name “Littleton” to 17 ZIP codes and many of the addresses written as “Littleton, Colorado” are west of the city in unincorporated Jefferson County or south of the city in unincorporated Douglas County. Most of the City of Littleton is within the boundaries of the Littleton Public Schools, although a small pocket of homes west of Chatfield State Park lies within the Douglas County School District.

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