Relocation Services


When is a move is not just a move?

  • When it means leaving a place called “home”.
  • When it means leaving a place of comfort and security.
  • When it means leaving family and friends behind.
  • When it means embarking on a new life adventure.
  • When it feels like you are entering the “unknown” zone.
  • When you are moving across town or perhaps even further….

If you are feeling anxious about any of these scenarios – even if it’s a  happy kind of anxious – you can relax.  Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  With Robert & Jani by your side, you and your family will soon be unpacked and enjoying your new neighborhood in no time.  Robert & Jani promise to do everything they can to make your move easy and stress-free.

Navigating the world of home buying and selling often feels murky, at best.  The abundance of information being thrown at you can be overwhelming.  The solution is to find knowledgeable real estate professionals who can sort through all the clutter and provide you with pertinent information in a timely manner.  This is what you can expect when working with Robert & Jani Bielenberg.

Robert and Jani have been helping families relocate for over 25 years. They will  guide you through your move smoothly and with ease, whether it’s across town, across the state or  across the nationwide.  Experience a priceless peace-of-mind with your move by making Robert & Jani Bielenberg part of your Relocation Team.