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Jani Bielenberg

The daughter of a REALTOR®, Jani built her successful real estate career upon a strong foundation. She learned all about values, hard work and commitment from her father, who owned and operated a real estate company in Salem, Oregon for more than 30 years.

Friendly and outgoing, Jani is known for her compassionate nature and for always being there for family, friends and clients. Before joining Robert in real estate, Jani worked as a nurse for over fifteen years, where her concern for others found a natural outlet. During those years she developed impressive interpersonal skills and the ability to remain cool during stressful situations which now benefits her buyers and sellers. Jani has further developed these skills with extensive training in mediation and facilitation.

Robert Bielenberg

An optimist with a gentle manner, Robert is a problem solver. His eleven year career as a stage director taught him to remain calm and focused under pressure, to meet every deadline, and to stay on top of details while never losing sight of the big picture. Robert loves the challenge of juggling dozens of elements and then smoothly bringing them all together, as he did once for opening nights and now does for real estate transactions.

Robert’s mission is to provide clients with a thorough education in the buying and selling process. By helping clients fully understand what is happening at each step and keeping them aware of their options, first-time buyers and experienced homeowners alike are able to feel confident and comfortable throughout their real estate transaction.