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Ivan & Nancy Y.

Since you’re reading this, you’re likely in the position that we were in several months ago: trying to choose a real estate agent from scores of possible candidates. Here’s why, after scanning through literally hundreds of recommendations and profiles, and interviewing several different agents, we went with Robert, and why we think that you should as well. (If you’re somewhat unfamiliar with Denver metro or are new to the home buying process, we *really, really* suggest that you go with Robert.) When we decided to move cross-country to Denver (personal relocation, not corporate), we needed to find someone who could work within the constraints imposed by a somewhat-tight viewing schedule and a difference of a couple of time zones. Add in an extremely-tight seller’s market, and the process was going to be a challenge. We’ve had dealings with several Realtors in the past, both selling and buying, with both a single-family home and with unimproved land. In our experience, most realtors tend to be “one trick ponies”: some love staging houses, some love the negotiation process, some love selling. These are all great skills to have, but any one of these is insufficient by itself to successfully complete the entire real estate transaction. Past this, two of the most important abilities – effective communication and managing a schedule – are often severely lacking. The latter two talents are where Robert definitely shines. Robert’s website bio has a single, brief paragraph about a past life as a stage director – one would do well to not underestimate the impact of this experience. Robert provided thorough and prompt replies to any and all concerns and questions that came up during the process, both by email and by phone (depending upon which made most sense). As far as scheduling is concerned, Robert consistently kept all players on track, not being afraid to bird-dog folks – including loan officer and selling agent – if need be. Many, if not most, real estate transactions involve more than one agent, which means that your experience will often still be impacted by someone else’s choice of Realtor. It helps to have someone who has both the knowledge and ability to “drive the bus” if need be. Past this, Robert’s long-term presence in the Denver metro area gives him insights that may not be available with Realtors having a shorter tenure. The fact that Robert has first-hand experience with home repair and remodeling also is a bonus during both home visits and the inspection process. We have a decade-plus of hands-on experience ourselves, and frankly it was refreshing to have a three-way conversation about construction and code with an inspector and a Realtor without having the Realtor’s eyes glaze over. Thanks again, Robert, for helping us find a great place to live!