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Protect Yourselves During a Move

Coloradans protect yourselves during a move.  How should Coloradans protect themselves from problems during a move?  This well written article by Lisa Greim, was recently published in The Denver Post newspaper. It was part of a larger story, but I have copied this segment in its entirety because of the important information that it provided.

  • Understand that any estimate, even a “flat-rate”, “guaranteed”, or “binding” estimate, can be revised if the conditions of the move change.  If you estimate 1,000 pounds of stuff, and it actually weighs 1,200 pounds, or an hourly move took six hours instead of four, or there are two flights of stairs when you listed one,  your mover can lawfully charge your for the difference.
  • Get in-person, written estimates form three different companies.  An online inventory is a useful tool, but nothing beats having somebody walk through your house, look at your stuff and evaluate conditions that could complicate the move, such as street parking or stairs.
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance.  Required liability coverage is 60 cents per pound.  This means your 4-pound MacBook is insured for $2.40.  Check your homeowner’s or renter’s policy, or purchase full replacement coverage from your mover.
  • Some things were never meant to go in a box.  Play it safe and move that laptop, other electronics. valuables and family treasures yourself.
  • READ THE FINE PRINT, and don’t sign blank forms or documents.