A Leaky Roof May Come from an Interior Source

In some cases what appears to be a roof surface leak is not a leak at all but rather an interior source of water. Here are some examples –• Air leakage from the house: If household air can leak into the attic, warm moist air will condense on surfaces in the attic during cold weather. This can damage the roof decking and structural framing and even cause water to drip back into the house. Sealing the attic in cold climates is very important.

• Leaking ducting: If heating and cooling ducting runs through the attic, it must be well sealed. Ducts leaking air can cause condensation.

• Air conditioning ducting: If air conditioning ducting runs through the attic, it should be well insulated and have a good vapor barrier. Condensation can form on cold air ducts and can drip down into the ceiling.

• Attic mounted heating and cooling: Furnaces and air conditioning evaporators create condensation. If this equipment is located in the attic and there is a leak somewhere in the condensation path, it will leak into the house.