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Things to Do in Denver When It’s Cold

The first thing many people think about when it comes to Colorado winters are the snowy peaks or how to get down them on skis or a snowboard. While winter sports are a favorite pastime, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in Denver on those cold days when you don’t feel like battling traffic up the mountain.

Instead, you can learn about Colorado characters and history with visits to the Unsinkable Molly Brown House Museum or the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave on Lookout Mountain. The recently rebuilt History Colorado Center offers a variety of engaging exhibits, a fascinating floor map of Colorado complete with time machines, and a great learning and play area for kids. You can even try your hand at ski jumping!

For more artistic experiences, the Denver Art Museum houses an impressive permanent collection and regularly features touring exhibits focused on a particular artist or genre. The Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art and the Clyfford Still Museum offer eclectic art experiences off the beaten path. Don’t forget to visit the Art District on Santa Fe, which showcases local and regional artists.

If jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air doesn’t seem like a wise idea, you can still have the experience of skydiving at SkyVenture Colorado, an indoor skydiving facility on the south side of town. Another way to get your adrenaline pumping – also under closely monitored conditions – is to swim with sharks at the Downtown Aquarium.

Living in Colorado, we are fortunate to have sunny days in the winter that allow us to get outside and play, but for those days when it is best to stay indoors, it’s nice to know we have so many warmer options.

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Enjoy a Safe Halloween!


Enjoy a safe Halloween!  It’s such a fun holiday to share with our children no matter the age, but it is also a time to be  cautious  about  potential safety hazards.  We want our children to be safe and to have a good time.  Here are several safety tips to help make your Halloween a safe one!

  • Trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods
  • Carry a flashlight  with fresh batteries
  • Carry a spare Halloween bag, in case yours breaks
  • Make sure your costume doesn’t drag on the sidewalk
  • Watch for open flames inside pumpkins and candles
  • Trick-or-treat in groups, accompanied by an adult
  • Stay on the sidewalks – don’t take any shortcuts
  • Walk, don’t run
  • Visit only well-lit houses
  • Don’t stop at dark houses
  • Don’t cut across yards
  • Don’t enter any house
  • Stay in cross walks and follow traffic signals
  • Watch for cars
  • Never accept rides from strangers
  • Don’t approach animals
  • Don’t eat any candy until it has been inspected under a bright light
  • Avoid any candy that has loose, punctured or opened wrappers or is homemade
  • Report any suspicious activity to an adult or police

Moving Service for Pet Owners

When it comes time to move or travel, pet owners are faced with a dilemma … how to transport their pets safely and with minimal hassle.
When it comes time to move or travel, pet owners are faced with a dilemma … how to transport their pets safely and with minimal hassle. is an online company offering door-to-door service for transporting animals across town, across the country or even to another part of the world. The Texas-based company uses a network of carriers and transportation routes to create a customized travel itinerary for many types of animals. If clients want to know where their pets are at any time during their travels, they can check the real-time flight status online. The web site also provides destination specific information, such as local veterinarians, dog parks and vaccination requirements.

Help For Single Parent Families

Join us in Supporting James Resource Network.

There are so many in need of help in our community, that it is difficult to chose where to spend our volunteer time and resources. If you are like us, there never seems to be enough of either. Do you chose a cause that you believe in, a need that you can answer, a passion, or a tugging at your heart? Ours came when we met Sandra Coen, Founder and Executive Director of James Resource Network. Sandra has a very touching story to share and after a few minutes with Sandra, you’ll want to be involved with her passion. From her very own personal experience came James Resource Network, whose Mission is to provide short and medium support to single parent families in order to help facilitate long term self sufficiency, as well as restoring hope for the future and a sense of community. .

Finding Help and Hope

As a parent, being able to provide a safe home for our children is one of the greatest stabilizing forces for a family. James Resource Network surrounds single parents and their children with a multitude of services to strengthen, support, and sustain a family as it transitions to a place of wholeness, stability, and hope.

Resources either currently offered or being developed

Mentoring: Support Groups, Mentors, Life-Skills Classes, Budget Counseling, Divorce/Relationship Recovery

Physical Needs: Clothing, Food, Furniture, Transitional Housing

Practical Help: Construction/Repairs, Mechanic

Professional Services: Legal Counsel Network, Counseling Network

You can help James Resource Network as a volunteer or as a donor. Donations are taken in the form of monetary gifts, food, clothing, transportation, temporary housing, furniture, and all things needed to survive in today’s world. Simply look at the demands a single parent must meet in caring for their family and then look around your home to see what might be of benefit. As a Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations to James Resource Network are tax-deductible and donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes.


Help Available for Seniors

Arapahoe County has a program for seniors needing help with yard work. For information contact Arapahoe County Senior Resource Division at: 303-738-8080 or

Winter has arrived and many seniors face the challenges of physically demanding chores which are needed to get thier homes ready for winter. Arapahoe County (Colorado) has a Chore Services program that can assist seniors at no cost.

Chore Services are available to county residents, age 60 or older, who have limited financial resources and who are unable to perform chores due to health reasons. Chore Services can help seniors to continue living independently in their own homes, have a safer environment and keep up their home’s appearance. Examples of services can include:

  • Fall and spring yard work, such as raking leaves and picking up fallen debris.
  • Washing outdoor first-floor windows and any inside windows.
  • Major cleaning, organizing or de-cluttering projects.
  • Assistance with unpacking after a move to subsidized housing.
  • Help with preparing for Housing and Urban Developement inspections.

Last year, Chore Services helped more than 235 seniors with one-time projects to maintain their homes.


Are You a Dog Lover Living in Arapahoe County?

Dog lovers need to get their pet a license and Arapahoe County has made that an easy process by offering online forms! On average, Arapahoe County licenses more than 1,200 dogs a year. 

Trying to reunite a lost dog with their owner is an emotional and trying experience, but the process can be made much easier if the pet is licensed and wears tags. In addition, it is a comfort knowing that dogs who have been licensed also have received the required rabies vaccine, which keps pets and their families healthy.

Licensing can now easily be done online for Arapahoe County residents. Be sure to have all the following information handy: dog’s name, breed, color, gender, current rabies vcaccination number and dates of inoculation, e-mail address, and major credit card(there is a $1.25 processing fee fo online registration in addition to the fees).

The annual fee is $12 for spayed/neutered dogs and $24 for unspayed/non-neutered dogs. Residents can choose to purchase a three-year license for $36 or $72 respectively. Seniors 65 and older can receive their first dog license free. Additional pets are licensed at the regular rate.


Organization Reduces Stress During Your Move

Let’s face it…moving is stressful but being organized can help. Plan ahead and start packing early, so you can enjoy the moving experience with less stress. Experts at offer several tips for making your move a seamless and stress-free experience. 

  1. When hiring professional movers, get written estimates from at least three licensed comapnies. For a few extra dollars, consider buying moving insurance. Investing in full value protection means any lost or damaged articles will be repaired or replaced.
  2. Take photos of every room in the new home while they are vacant. Then write down every item from your current home and which room those items will go in before you begin packing them.
  3. Begin packing early, even if it’s one room or one cabinet at a time. Toss or donate any items you don’t need. And remember to fill out change-of-address notices and schedule utilities.
  4. If you have children or pets, consider hiring a sitter or daycare for moving day, or find a safe place for them so they’re not underfoot.
  5. When breaking down larger items, like shelving units, into smaller pieces, put the screws, washers and other small components in a sealed baggie and label it clearly. Keep all baggies with small parts in one box and carry it with you on moving day.
  6. Take pictures of electronic hook-ups for TV’s, DVR’s, home theater systems and computers before unplugging them. Print out the pictures and label them in detail, so you will be able to set up the systems properly once you are in the new home. Also keep all loose wires in seperate baggies or boxes that are clearly labeled.
  7. Dispose of any household products you no longer use, such as paints, pesticides and detergents. Contact the city’s waste disposal department for guidelines on how to dispose of them safely. For items that you plan to take with you, like laundry detergent or cleaning products, pack them in a small box within a larger box to protect against leaks and seal the boxes securely.

Arapahoe County has a New Online Crime Mapping Service

Arapahoe County residents have a new service. Effective today, county residents can go online to see where and when crimes are being committed in their neighborhoods. You can access the CrimeReports system through the Sheriff’s office website, or directly at Once you’re on the website, you enter an address, a date range, and the types of crimes you want to see mapped.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with to provide these online crime mapping services. Over 700 law enforcement agencies across the nation have implemented the CrimeReports system, which allows law enforcement professionals to access information on crime trends and patterns.